LMEF: Placement

After completing LMEF, many students continue their academic career by enrolling in Ph.D. programs in economics or finance or in other Master programs.


At the moment, former LMEF students attending academic programs are: 


Riccardo Cioffi: PhD in Economics at Princeton University 

Francesco Celentano: PhD in Economics and Finance at Wisconsin University - Madison

Stefano Pica: PhD in Economics at Boston University

Alessandra Allocca: PhD in Economics at University of Mannheim

Alessio Piccolo: PhD in Economics at Oxford University

Raffaele Giuliana: PhD in Finance at Norwegian School of Economics

Luca Picariello: PhD in Economics at Norwegian School of Economics

Silvia Granato: PhD in Economics at University of Naples Federico II

Francesco Ruggiero: PhD in Economics at University of Naples Federico II

Giuseppe Rossitti: PhD in Economics at London School of Economics

Francesco Sannino: PhD in Economics at London School of Economics

Lorenzo Trimarchi: PhD in Economics at Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Iolanda Barone: PhD in Economics at University of Naples Federico II

Claudio Chino: PhD in Economics at University of Naples Federico II

Luca Coraggio: PhD in Economics at University of Naples Federico II

Elisa Scarinzi: PhD in Economics at University of Naples Federico II

Pietro Panizza: PhD in Economics at European University Institute

Pasquale Accardo: PhD in Economics at the University of Strathclyde UK

Michele Farina: Master Degree in Quantitative Finance at Bocconi University

Simone Chinetti: PhD in Economics at University of Naples Federico II


Within a year from graduation, all other LMEF students have found jobs in banks, the public sector or international institutions, financial and rating companies and consultancies:


Simona Schiappa: Consultant at KPMG Advisory Italy 

Giuseppe Rinaldi: Financial Risk Consultant at KPMG Advisory  Italy

Diana De Pisapia: Economic Risk Analyst at Unicredit Group

Tiziana Maida: Research Analyst at IPS Capital LLP

Giuseppe Leonello: Analyst - Competition Economics at KPMG UK

Alessandro Gallo: Business Support Officer at European Investment Bank - Luxembourg

Anna Giuliano: Analyst ad Edison Spa 

Jennifer Altmeyer Cucolo: Risk and Compliance consultant at KPMG Italy

Maria Aprea: Financial Risk Manager at Banca Popolare di Bari 

Alessia Marrazzo: Consultant at Lear

Elvira Riccardi: Partner & Client Services at Lombard International Assurance

Camillo Vastola: Fund Manager/Administrator presso Credem Banca 

Marco Pisani: Senior consultant at Deloitte Consulting 

Marco Valletta: Trade and Export finance analyst at Saipem 

Marco Foggia: FMCG Solutions Intern at Nielsen

Luigi Califano: Senior Implementation Consultant  at Avantage Reply

Marcella Grasso: Researcher at Cles 

Chiara Cariddi:  Intercultural Mediator – Coordinator at CEFAL

Alessia Rossi: Grants administrator at The Scripps Research institute

Raffaella Russo: Project Referent at Amra scarl 

Federico Esposito: Assistant Professor of Economics at Tufts University (PhD at Yale)

Maria Carannante: Teaching Assistant at University of Naples Federico II (PhD at University Federico II)

Elena De Falco: Business Banking - Deutsche Bank

Violante Mattiello: Consultant at Price WaterHouse Coopers

Giulia Bosco: Financial Risk management consultant at KPMG advisory – Milan

Salvatore Vatieri: Credit risk analyst at KPMG - Milan

Alfio Morante: M&A FIG Analyst Intern at Rothschild & Co

Roberto Imperato: Junior consultant at Prometeia

Giovanni Nappi: Teaching assistant at Queen Mary University - London

Roberto Imbimbo: Quantitative Research Analyst at QUMMIF | Investment Fund

Raffaella Esposito: Financial Risk Consultant at Avantage Reply – London

Gianfranco Tamburrini: Fixed Income Sales at Banca Promos

Paolo Barone: Equity Trader per Z.R.T.X trading Ltd a Larnaca (Cipro)

Paolo Saviano: Stage at BNP Paribas 

Rosa Antonelli: M&A Intern at Natixis

Ludovica Luongo: Business Consultant at CRIBIS

Lorenzo Pandolfi: CSEF  Post-doctoral fellow (PhD at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

Vincenzo Pezone: Assistant Professor at Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. Main  (PhD at Berkeley University)

Armando Martino: Analyst at Arca Fondi

Fiorella Pocobelli: Financial Risk Management Consultant  at KPMG Advisory  Italy

Fulvio Ferretti: Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company

Francesco Cozzolino: Key Account Manager at Pernigotti S.p.A.

Mario Arpaia: Risk Management at KPMG advisory S.p.A.